Plant identification with OPAL

PEA met Alison (OPAL community Scientist) at the University of Plymouth to learn to identify some of our common wild plants... Here were the first 10: (20 more to go!!)

Not by the ordinary taxonomic key way though... by ways of word association and games!! Great fun for us, very successful, and we contributed to scientific research too!

Remember this little Pennywort (or Navel wort as they sometimes call it)?? 'Round like a penny'...

And the long thin leaves of the bluebell.. 'tall like a church steeple, shiny like a bell'...

After our session in the classroom, we went out to Central Park in Plymouth to spot lichens for our sir survey. We have quite good air here in Plymouth - the lichens were very diverse!
Getting that identification right takes concentration, determination and.. a good eye (or hand lens)...
You can't call that a boring bark, with all that lichen diversity!!!
Thank you Alison for teaching us 30 plants today! We have learned so much and will keep up the good work!

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