Bracken Bashing! 14th June 2015

Today we head to Aveton Gifford, in South Devon for some bracken bashing. What is bracken bashing I hear you say? Well let me explain. Bracken is a native plant but it is very invasive.
"Bracken bashing" describes the hitting of growing bracken with sticks or pipe so that the stem bends over. The bracken then dies off as it puts energy into uprighting itself.
Why do we do it? Bracken is an invasive species that can quickly take over an area. Removing areas of bracken this way increases biodiversity of grassland and is a friendly alternative to strimming. 

PEA's new volunteers in action

A "bashed" bracken

What a view!!

Brandon giving us a demo

Hayley tackling the bracken

The bracken after the PEA team of bashed it

Laura and Sam working their way across the field

"Before" photo

We made it to the top of the field

Julz find the shade after the sun came out

Rob and Pete in the sun

Action shot

Craig from South Devon Nature Trust 

Group photo

Time to head back to the bus

Bye bye bracken! 
The PEA team will be back in 6 weeks time to bash any of the new growth. 

Chris-Project Officer 

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