Meadow Restoration-18th October 2015

This week we met up again with our friends Craig and Izzy for a spot of 
meadow restoration at Longmarsh in Tontes.

Izzy was raring to go!

As Chris gave our new volunteer a quick tool talk demo on how to properly rake a meadow... 

Izzy was already getting stuck in..

The purpose of removing all this dead cut grass is to encourage wildflowers to grow.

As Wildflowers are low nutrient growers, they require very little dead matter-ala the dead grass-to transfer into nutrients. 

If we just left the dead grass it would breakdown into the ground causing the grass to shoot up in heigh, making it hard to maintain and keep tidy for the visiting public to the meadow.

Izzy was the keenest volunteer of all this week! Well, when she wasn't digging holes everywhere...

Quick lunch break along the beautiful riverside...

As well as dead grass, we also raked up plenty of fallen leaves,
 it really seems Winter is truly on its way...

Time to start wearing some extra socks!

Mike PEA Volunteer

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