Raking at Ham Woods-(PEA PUPPY SPECIAL)-1st March 2015

Warning!: This Post contains images of varying degrees of 'Cuteness'-Those with a tendency to 'AWWH!!' and "Squeeee!!' loudly in Public upon the slightest signs of cuteness should read this with caution-You have been Warned! 

After the stormy weather of the previous week, the PEA team were blessed with warm, clear skies as we headed to local Plymouth nature spot, Ham woods, for session of slope meadow raking with Friends of Ham Woods.

We also had a very special mascot for the day-so as I get my metaphorical earplugs in place-allow me to introduce, Daisy.

Yes, yes melts your heart doesn't she?

 Though new to PEA, it didn't Daisy long to get settled into the group!

Starting with supervising the usual pre-work tea warmup!

Provided that she also got some refreshment of course!

 And was allowed to invite some friends over!

       This week we were lucky enough to have this 'delicious' Victoria 
sponge to get our blood rushing, kindly provided by Chris's Mum, Mrs Bond!

Compliments to le baker!

  It was so good some people got a bit stingie with their portions-
You're weren't gonna eat all that slice were you Rob?

Fuelled with cake we got to work raking!

At PEA we pride ourselves on teamwork-but that doesn't mean we don't enjoy a bit of friendly competition...
Ahem...I win...

With this sort of work though it really paid to have an extra pair of hands...
So natural Chris-Anyone'd think you were posing!

In order to get the grass cuttings down the hill, we found the 'swiss roll' method to work best!

On another 'cake' related' matter,
 Chris almost performed a serious crime during lunch....

Luckily Esther is able to tame Chris's criminal confectionary urges!
Ain't dat face just precious?

After lunch Daisy joined us from her vantage point of our cosy coats 
at the top of the hill to review our work...

It was that...or she had an itch...

With all the grass raked...we couldn't resist not getting some use out of it...




Chris Needed a bit of encouragement for his 'Non-dive'


With our work and 'diving' competition over, we packed up our tools and bags.

We'll be back to Ham Woods later in the year to see how our raking efforts have hopefully transformed this slope into a naturally blossoming meadow. 

We then headed back to the bus to say farewell to our Ham Woods friends, and our special canine companion....

Who like us had a nice warm B-A-T-H in store for when we got home....


                                                                           Michael Gamble-PEA Team

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