Tree Planting at Wembury-14th March 2015

This week we went to Wembury to do some tree planting. Tree planting, I hear you say, can't be that hard!

                                                Well the first task was tea and flapjacks
They were, urm, lovely...

Moving on, the second task was to get the trees from the bottom of the field to the top

I think there is a Sam in there somewhere

This is the site where the trees were being planted on a beautiful sunny, but chilly, day.

The next task was to cut out chunks of grass for where the trees were going
 (done here with great skill by me and Hayley)

That was until a blade of grass got in the way of my shovel, tut

Hayley even found a mini beastie under the soil (we’re thinking it's beetle larvae) 

Before lunch, it was down to me and Laura to use the ‘compost loo’. 
                                                     An experience never to be forgotten

        Sam teaching children how to tell worms apart.           
              This will be featured in a new program 'The life of Worms.'

Laura helping with the frame that holds the tree

                              All that hard work of digging a hole, we finally got to plant a tree!

At the end of the day, a group photo of everyone that got involved

The finished result

Until next time! :)

Samantha Norris-PEA Volunteer 

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