PEA-Rhododendron Burning-Maker 16th July 2015

This week with the weather fine and the winds low we headed up to Maker woodlands for a session of Rhododendron Burning!

Hold it!

What is that?!

Why it's Chris's new hat!...And it's reversible too...Fancy that!

On our walk down to the woods we spotted a Peacock butterfly-But more on butterflies later!

These shiny little gems are intact bluebell seeds..

With the blossoms all but gone it's time for the plants to go to work shedding their seeds for next year's spring blossom!

The awaiting mass of dried Rhododendron cuttings!


Soon after a bit of prep we had a roaring fire pit 
going that ate through our pile of cuttings in no time!

Here's Todd prepping for our next session..

Looks just like a little fairy grove right?

As we all prepped and cleared up, Esther found a really old skittle bottle!

Beautiful view of Cornwall and the Tamar!

After putting our fire we hiked back up the hill to do our first butterfly survey as part of the
 Big Butterfly Count 2015! 

It was amazing to see just how many butterflies and insects
 we were able to spot around us in just under 15 minutes!

For our hard work today we decided to stop by some nearby cherry trees on the way home! 
We filled almost half of a bag for life, and they were some seriously good cherries!

And go amazingly well in a ice-cream sundae!

Mike-PEA Team

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