Wild Pond Survey & Bird Box Sighting at Antony house 12th July 2015!

Today we headed off to Antony House in South East Cornwall!

Mark the Antony House Gardener

The House - spectacular even on a cloudy day!

Before our work we headed off for a guide tour around the estate! 

Wow look at this huge Oak tree!

Check it out -Insect hotel which PEA volunteers put together in 2012!

Hayley found a newt

Brian putting up the first bird box, which we made a few weeks ago!

Todd positioning his bird box

Todd pre-nailing the bird box before climbing the ladder. 
Did you know that if you hit the sharp end of the nail with a hammer before putting it though the wood it does not split the wood

Bird box in position!

Brendan putting up his bird box!

Laura putting up a box!

Crystal with her fixed box!

Looking out across the estate

Team shot!

Next it was time for a OPAL Pond Survey

What have we found?

Todd pond dipping 

A newt!!!

A dragonfly larvae

Toad Tadpole - a TOADPOLE?!!!

Despite the drizzle we had a great day at Antony, 
time to go home now and wring out our socks!

Chris-Project Officer 

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