Thorn Park Garden Restoration & Mini-Bus Scrub 25th July 2015

This week we headed off 'all so far' - a 10 minute journey to 
Thorn Park, just North of the city centre of Plymouth.

With an ample team today we were ready to assist with the ongoing
 restoration of these Victorian medical gardens based right in the heart of the city.

The beds have grown wild and the walls crumbled, so it's really in need of the 
ongoing TLC which it's receiving from the regular garden volunteers.

Plenty of snails...

And the odd newt or two!

Some pretty bright orange day lillies...

Unearthing a bit of paving...

We were really fortunate for bright sunshine throughout the day though, 
even this frog with trying to catch a tan...

Look how lush it is!!!

At lunch we were treated to some cherry jam made
 by one our volunteers Todd, along with some fresh rolls baked by Chris to enjoy it with.
Thank you Todd!!! Absolutely delicious!

After lunch we got back to work! 
We unearthed this patio buried under a mass of foliage.

The flower beds got a good weeding too; hopefully one day 
they will be full of medicinal plants again!

A Red Admiral butterfly enjoying some buddleia flower nectar in the sun! Look at that BLUE sky!!!

Our day wasn't over though as, with the good weather still holding,
 it was the perfect opportunity to give our trusty minibus a spruce up! 

Many trips worth of volunteering grime...

Chris really got stuck into the cleaning...

...And even got chance to practice his mountaineering skills 
scaling the bus roof..

After many buckets of soapy water the bus was squeaky clean...

Mike-PEA Team

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