Wildflower meadow creation and wild flower ID at Maker Heights 26th April 2015

Today we headed off to Maker heights in South East Cornwall. 
We had a cup of tea and biscuits and were joined by .....


Esther briefing the team on today's plans

Today we were working on Redoubt number 1 to create a wildflower meadow on the roof!

Firstly we started by clearing the vegetation

It had grown up a lot since the winter when 
we had cleared it of head high brambles!

Pete removing a stubborn bramble root.

Sam loosening the ground ready for seeding!

A dig over, looks like an allotment!

Esther removing the last few roots

One of the Wild flower Seed packs from
our work at North Cross Roundabout!

I cannot wait to see it grow,
 it is going to be a great place for insects, butterflies and bees!

Well done Sam, 50 hours volunteering!

Well done Laura 50 hours volunteering

After lunch we head off for a wild flower survey around redoubt one. Lead by our wildflower expert Esther (also our minibus driver!)

Follow the leader, leader!

Thank you Esther for running the survey.
 I think we all learnt some new plants. I was amazed that we found over 50 species!!!

And... a group photo to finish!

Chris-PEA Project Officer

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