Sowing a Wildflower meadow at North Cross Roundabout in Plymouth-8th April 2015

Wednesday 8th April we headed off to the centre of Plymouth to sow a wildflower meadow at Noth Cross roundabout. PEA was working with Stepping stones to Nature. 
Check out their Facebook page and Twitter. 

The area just outside of the roundabout. 

Inside the roundabout their were four areas to sow.

The day was part of the grow wild campaign, were you can get you own seeds from! 

Before photo

The briefing 

Seeds in hand, ready to go


The seeds mixed with sand so that they are evenly distributed 

Not drink them Pete!

Waiting for spotlight to come, who will see them first!

A daisy and Celandine 

Lovely sunny day, summer is on it way

You have missed a bit Esther

The last few seeds being spread

Somebody had a new Tat but who was it?

We have had a great time, cannot wait for them to flower!

I did do some work, promise!! 

Jeremy from Plymouth City Council being interview for Spotlight

Job done, well done everyone, will have to watch it grow!

Chris being interviewed for Spotlight!

The seeds

Yummy cookies thanks Julz

                                              Check out the new PEA branding on the bus,
                                              thanks Mike Gamble.

Chris-PEA Project Officer

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