Tree after care with MoorTrees-13th April 2015 (Featuring: Stanley)

With all this suprisingly good weather,
what better way than for PEA to spend a sunny Sunday than with fellow 
environmental conservation group Moortrees at their Tree Nursery!


The day began with the usual tea-break at Moor Trees home-base,                                                            a very classy little green shed located at the bottom of the nursery. 

Despite the larger group size thought there no shortage cake of as Julz again kindly provided
 copious amounts of delicious lemon drizzle to go around!

But wait, who's this little fella peeking behind the scrub?

Allow me to introduce Stanley the Rabbit, Moortree's
 part-time mascot. We've worked with a fair few dogs and even some 
rather wild volunteers in our  time, 
but a rabbit was definitely a new one!

With tea drunk and introductions made, everyone started to
 crack on with today's task 
of weeding moortrees many sapling planters. 

There were many-many bucket loads throughout the day!

It was also the 23rd Birthday of one of our longstanding volunteers
 Sam-Happy Birthday!
( Who kindly provided us even more delicious cake!)

This meant many of us where on quite
 the sugar high throughout the day!

With all this extra fuel though, our PEA-CAM photographers were on top                                             form today capturing some awesome macro mini-beast closeups!

Believe it or not but this larvae is actually a destined to become a ladybird...
Strange how nature works right?

Each of these planters really were like their own little worlds!

As well as weeding we also got a tour of the nursery...

As well as some knowledge sharing...

After a morning of working in the sun everyone
 was feeling a bit 'hot and flustered'...


So it was a great relief when it was time to break for lunch!

                                       Our project leader Chris was ravenous after our busy
                              mornings work and felt that his sandwich was lacking something...  

Something...deliciously adorable....

Luckily though he soon returned to his instinctive eating habits.

With a little moral support from Rob...

Which meant Stanley could also enjoy his lunch 'worry free'!

Brewing up some water with the good'old storm kettle!

These hollow reeds whilst acting as great kindling 
also looked just like miniature chimneys..

And now cause you're simply begging for more
It's time for: Shots with Stanley...

All day the girls just couldn't resist his bunny charms...

And alright...Maybe I couldn't either...

Sam also realised that turning 23, meant he needed to start planning his retirement...

Lots of time to practice yet Sam...

Soon with our lunchtime fun over we got back to work....

 Little oak/acorn sapling!

Meanwhile Stanley had decided to do a bit of exploring...

Unknowingly we all cracked on with our until...


Stanley was caught causing mischief....

"Oh Stanley!"

Soon our work done, and there was just enough time for awarding
 some volunteering certificates...

Before we bid farewell to our Moortrees friends and
headed back home to Plym'town!

Thanks for having us Moortrees 
& looking forward to working with you all again soon!

                                                               Michael Gamble-PEA Team

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