Maker-28th March 2015

 The weather forecast was not looking great but we were ready for anything! Plenty of volunteers came along including a Crystal, a new volunter to PEA. We headed off to Maker heights in South East Cornwall, thanks to Esther fantastic driving.

Once on site we had a cup of tea and then set about moving are metal sheets and blocks from re-dout one to number three. After this we stop for lunch in the cafe on site called "The Canteen" I would highly recommend eating in there.
Spot the difference

Did you get it? Esther and Hayley have changed position 

Yummy Carrrot and Ginger soup with homemade bread

Good hot chocolate Pete?!

It started off very wet, windy and foggy, but....

It soon cleared to show us the AMAZING view of the sea!

Where's Sam gone?

Sam feeding the fire

What a great view!

What lichen is that Pete?

Laura iding the tree's

Hayley being our scribe for the day!

Whats so funny?

A rare hybrid fern, just waiting to be confirmed by an expert 

Bonfire with added stick to be protected by the wind

Whats that growing out of Pete's Coke bottle

Chris-PEA Project Officer

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